Chat GPT and using it to help your sewing🧵 life!

by Claire Cochran on Apr 23, 2023

Chat GPT and using it to help your sewing🧵 life!

Tired of squinting at fabric labels in the store, wondering which ones will make your project look like a million bucks, and which ones will make it look like a hot mess? Well, have no fear! AI is here! If you haven’t given the FREE Chat GPT by Open AI a try, be sure to try it.

Chat GPT getting started

Whether you're into vintage, modern, or somewhere in between, AI has got you covered. Just input some keywords and prompts that describe your style, and let the AI do the rest.

For a bit of help to get started, here are some design words that you can use in Chat GPT:

Vintage, Modern, Romantic, Avante-Garde, Bohemian, Sporty, Minimalist, Futuristic, Classic, Glamorous

Prompt examples:

  1. My personal clothing style is [design word] Find sewing patterns that incorporate that style.

Next, use some of those style words just generated by the above prompt to do the next prompt….

  1. What fabric type, weight, stretch, performance characteristics and drape are good for a [style word(s)]?

My example was [vintage] for the 1st prompt and [1950’s circle skirt] for the the 2nd prompt.

Here is what it generated:

A 1950s circle skirt is typically made from a lightweight to medium weight fabric with a lot of drape. Here are some fabrics that would be suitable for a 1950s circle skirt:

  1. Cotton: A lightweight cotton fabric with a soft drape, such as cotton lawn, voile, or batiste, would be perfect for a summer circle skirt.
  2. Rayon: A rayon challis or rayon crepe fabric would provide the soft, flowing drape that is characteristic of a 1950s circle skirt.
  3. Silk: A silk chiffon or silk charmeuse fabric would create a luxurious, flowing skirt that would move beautifully.
  4. Taffeta: A medium-weight taffeta fabric would provide some structure and body to the skirt while still allowing for movement.
  5. Linen: A lightweight linen fabric would provide a casual, summery feel to the skirt while still providing some structure.

When selecting fabric for a 1950s circle skirt, keep in mind that you want a fabric that will provide enough drape and movement for the full, circular shape of the skirt, while still providing enough structure to hold its shape. Look for fabrics that are not too stiff or heavy, and that have a soft, flowing drape.

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Let me know how you use AI :)

Have an amazing time!!



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