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Perfect Placement

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This listing is for a template kit.

Perfectly place and perfectly match your embroidery designs with this kit. I love that the templates and stickers create a low tech and fast approach to making sure you stitch out those wonderful designs exactly where you want them. See the video on the slider above and the Instagram feed for ideas and inspiration.

Kit Includes:

11 Perfect Placement plastic templates for linens, i.e., towels, sheets, pillowcases, napkins, receiving blanket and burp cloth.

4 Perfect Placement plastic templates for wearables, i.e., cuffs, left and center of   shirts and boxer shorts.

30 target stickers

6 text stickers

The Mini Ruler

Product Details
  • 20 Page Full-Color Instructions
  • Target Stickers
  • Templates for Linens
  • Templates for Wearables
  • Templates for Burp Cloths
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