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The Stitchery

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This listing is about backing or supporting a Kickstarter (crowdfunding) project.

The Stitchery Kickstarter is about a small business who has outgrown their space because of how unbelievably popular their embroidery kits are.  They have looked to Kickstarter to help them fund this business expansion. This was sorely needed because of the popularity of their subscription embroidery kits.  In two years she has designed and launched over 40 embroidery kits, a sell-out sewing-based advent calendar and taught at workshops across the UK and France.  She is just growing faster than she can keep up.  If hand embroidery is your thing, she has a backer reward called The Stitchery Collector Reward on the right side of her campaign that will provide an exclusive Embroidery Kit only available through Kickstarter.

Product Details
  • Popular Subscription Embroidery Kits
  • Exclusive Kit Available Through Kickstarter
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