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Knitted Animal Friends

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This listing is for the book, Knitted Animal Friends by Louise Crowther.

The book teaches you to make 12 knitted animals and their coordinated knitwear. Each animal has its own unique personality and style. The details, such as color coordination, tiny buttons, knit patterns on these dolls are amazing!

The animals included in this pattern book are family pets, farm animals and woodland creatures. Since the animal bodies are the same, you can mix and match the clothing for endless variety. Great for intermediate to advanced knitters.

See the instagram feed below for more ideas.

Product Details
  • Amazon 288 reviews “Beautiful, intermediate or advanced knitters”
  • Patterns for family pets, farm animals and woodland creatures
  • Patterns include clothing for the animals
  • The knitted clothing is removable!
  • Step-by-Step illustrations
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