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Pablo The Cat

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This listing is for a PDF pattern to make Pablo the cat.

Oh my! Pablo the Cat is full of personality! He is the creation of Nelly Shkuro. He seems to be quite the serious guy, full of wisdom and wit too. Nelly says he is a banker and a very good one at that. He always makes the right decision.  Check out those paws and the button nose and knit yourself a financial advisor.

The pattern for Pablo includes directions for the cat and removable scarf with easy step-by-step instructions (15 pages and 36 photos).  

Check out the Knit-A-Miracle Instagram feed below to some of their other patterns!

Product Details
  • Best Seller on Etsy
  • Easy to Knit
  • Clear Instructions
  • Removable scarf
  • Knit flat on two needles
  • Pablo is 13" tall standing and 9.5" seated
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