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Calico Cat Game

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This listing is to back a Kickstarter project.

Thought this was such a great idea for a game! Cats and sewing go together like peanut butter and jelly. We love board games because they bring family and friends together beautifully and they are so fun! Because cats love a cozy quilt, the objective of this game is to sew the coziest quilt. Choose a personal design to follow and collect patches of different colors and pattern combinations to attract the cuddliest cats. Each time you play, you create a unique quilt. There is a reward level of $29.00 that enables you to purchase this game when it is completed.

Product Details
  • Objective: Sew the Coziest Quilt
  • Choose a Personal Design to Follow
  • Collect Patches
  • Create Quilt to Attract Cats
Things You May Need
  • Someone to Play with
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