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Cottage Lane Clapper

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This is a listing for a tailor’s clapper.

Quilters pressing and seam flattening tool with pin cushion and 6 inch ruler on the side. Clappers are so essential for getting the best flat seams and this one has my heart. The removable pin cushion is just genius.  No more pins stuck in the ironing board cover! The 6 inch scale is another handy detail.

Clappers work by trapping steam and heat on the fabric seams so they can lay their flattest. Apparently, seams need a certain amount of hot to cool and a bit of steam to come out their absolute best. A flat seam will not only look much better, but it helps the accuracy of your project, especially when you sew the next seams around it. The type of wood that a clapper is also a key to a great seam. The dense hardwood makes it not only durable to withstand the heat over time but the heaviness keeps those seams flat without added pressure from you hand.  How to use? Press your seam with iron and steam; Lift iron and immediately place clapper on the seam trapping both the heat and steam. Hold for a few seconds then lift off.

Product Details
  • Deep Grooves for Comfortable Handling
  • Removable Pin Cushion for Convenience
  • 6 inch Scale for On-The-Fly Measuring
  • High Quality Hardwood
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