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Curve Runner

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This listing is for a rolling ruler.

The Curve Runner is amazing for measuring any straight or curved line! It is particularly useful for set in sleeves and necklines. Comes in standard sizes 8 and 12 inch circumference as well as metric 20cm and 30cm. The clear acrylic wheel allows you to see through the ruler, never leaving your line out of site.

Compare two adjoining curves in a pattern that is eased into the other, i.e.: sleeve heads to arm scye, waist to waistband, sleeve elbow to front sleeve, neckline to neck binding, collar to garment body etc.

 Now comes with a silicone handle grip!

Product Details
  • Great for measuring sleeve head and armhole ease.
  • Measuring design details such as necklines, trim, ruffles, binding, etc.
  • Upholstery piping
  • Smaller wheels (8" and 20cm) are agile for tighter curves
  • Larger wheels (12" and 30cm) are great for going several rotations while measuring a larger area.
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