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SA Curve Ruler

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This listing is for a set of two rulers.

The SA Curve rulers are a perfect 5/8th seam allowance width. Make your pattern drafting and fitting so much easier with these rulers! Just match the curve and draw on either side (or both sides) of the ruler to draw the cut edge or the stitch line at once. They are designed not only to mark the seam allowance location for fitting and measuring, but to add seam allowances to the European patterns, blend design lines or change the size of the seam allowance. You will find a ton of uses for these rulers!

Available in 3/8th” , 1/2″ and 1.5cm widths as well.


Product Details
  • Transparent and easy to read
  • Quickly and accurately adds seam allowance
  • European patterns ie.: Burdastyle, Ottobre, Knipmode etc.
  • Pattern Drafting
  • Pattern Fitting
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