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Tailor Tools

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This listing is for a set of tailor pressing tools, a Tailor’s ham, a Corset ham and Tailor’s Pegs.

This set of handmade tailor’s tools is of quality craftsmanship. Included are a corset ham, a tailor’s ham and 6 tailor’s pegs for turning seams inside out and pressing.  The hams are filled with oak chips and a synthetic winterizer with a cotton cover.  The set is made from oak, linden and pine as well.  Take your sewing up a few notches with expertly pressed seams. When pieces are pressed well and steam-molded, construction goes very smoothly. 

To properly press and block apparel pieces, they need steam and heat to mold to curves in order to avoid looking homemade. These pressing tools will give you that professional finish you strive for.

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Product Details
  • Exceptionally Handmade.
  • Free Shipping
  • Some Assembly Required
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